Roger & Gallet Extrait de Cologne Tubereuse Hedonie honest review

On my black friday shopping trip, I smelt Roger & Gallet Extrait de Cologne Tubereuse Hedonie at Marks and Spencer for the first time and experienced the “heady feeling”. It reminded me of Dhaka city, where I am originally from. Tuberose is a very common and inexpensive flower in there. I do not think I valued it as much back in the days. It even surprises me how I remembered the smell after nearly a decade. Was I delusional while having a sublime experience? I don’t know but I think it was worth it.

The advertising of Roger & Gallet portrays a modern empress getting ready in a very posh vintage feminine uplifting setup. I love the idea of “empress”, neither a queen nor a princess (u get the gist). Anyway, to a Parisian or western woman, I suppose tuberose is posh but not to me. Rather than a beautiful pastel outfit (inspired by tuberose colour), I visualise it with a white jamdani saree or a cotton saree and hair styled with white jasmine flowers (gajra) around a bun. Instead of the palace, I think of the footpath near the flower shops of Bailyroad or Shahbag, the much-loved places of Dhaka. Instead of the beautiful jingle, I would love to hear some impatient rickshawalas ringing bells (although I think they are banned in those areas) with the sound of wind or vehicles passing by at night. To me, it is a bottle of modern and nostalgic potion in a glocal habitat.

Can you put a price on such a mesmerising experience of time travel? Of course you can, because this is not the only tuberose fragrance available. While it costs £29 for 30ml, Estee Lauder private collection tuberose gardenia(30ml- £62), Aerin tuberose la jour(50ml-£145) & Aerin tuberose la soir (50ml-£145) and Jo Malone tuberose angelica (50ml-£75) are similar smelling pricier fragrances.

It was launched in 2017 so don’t expect it to make you a copy of your grandma. It’s refreshing and feminine. If I could customise it, I would probably add the smell of rain and a new book, tea and my mothers smell but I am not a perfumer. I do not know if all these individual favourite smells of mine would work together but Anne Flipo, who made this is an expert who knows how to make a brilliant fragrance and the brand itself is time-tested for over 150 years with a portfolio of even serving royal courts. This cologne has a mix of tuberose, jasmine, bergamot, pink pepper, neroli and celery seeds.

I was expecting to like it before trying but did not expect it to be so good. I cannot rave enough even though I am not paid for this review by anyone. I bought it myself.

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