Self-care Tracker

I am not particularly good at taking care of myself so I depend on making conscious decisions and tracking them in bullet journal. After around a year of trying to practice self-care regularly, I can say that it is a process that takes more effort and time than I anticipated but it is worth it. The first step for me is being self-aware and understanding what needs to be changed and why. Once I am sure what I want, I break them down into smaller achievable goals.

My February habit trackers to maintain self-care are going to be as follows:


-eating healthy with balanced diet and five a day

-drink 8 glasses of water/liquid

-75 minutes of exercise per week (excluding shopping trips and walking to and from my son’s preschool)

-maintain skin, hair and body care routine

-wake up earlier in the morning and sleep well

-meal and medicine on time

-migraine tracker

-book eye test and dentist appointment once a year



-Reading books

-a gratitude journal

-spend me-time to self-reflect, positive self-talk and process thoughts

-challenge myself with at least two behavioural modifications (personal)


-maintain clean and tidy home with separate chore tracker

-maintain social connections with talking to someone other than my son and husband everyday

-spend screen-free quality time with my son and my husband everyday

I try to achieve them on a regular basis but usually, I do not tick off all of them on the same day. That’s ok because at the end of the day self-care is not about being perfect or lacking self-acceptance. It is a way of valuing myself and working towards being my best possible self.

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  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing, I will add it to my journal too 🙂

    I am currently doing 31 Days of self love, if you would like to check it out you can find the posts on twitter @scarletpiper1 – daily

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