Valentines Giftguide

Call it a marketing ploy or an unnecessary way of showing off love, valentines day gives you an opportunity to show your loved one that you care to make romance a priority with a thoughtful gift. To be honest with you, I am not sure if I am going to give him anything this year because I am still “thinking” what can I buy or make. Anyway, I am just going to think aloud some ideas for a wide range of budget for you, if you are also “thinking”.

1. Love notes taped under chocolates in a fancy chocolate box

2. Gift experience such as a balloon/helicopter ride, a spa or a date night

3. A gift hamper of some little things like massage oil, scented candle, lingerie, fragrance, champagne, chocolate and any special book 😜

4. Luxurious gift like jewellery, watch, fashion wear, bag or cardholder

5. Flowers with personal note

6. Personalised gifts like perfume with his or her name engraved or personalised jumper or robe

7. A handmade gift like knitted snood or scrapbook with photos and keepsakes documenting your relationship

8. Gadgets s/he might love like drones(to take birds eye selfies), headphones, Kindle or smartwatch

9. Personal care sets like grooming set or skin care set

10. Special keepsake

11. Make breakfast or brunch and spend time together without any distraction for a day or a few hours

12. Something for a home that you both would enjoy like a coffee machine, a comfy blanket, a swing, a google home/amazon echo or some plants

13. Subscription to flowers bouquet, Netflix, magazine or beauty box

14. Course that he or she wanted to do like guitar, dance or pottery.

Hope this post has given you some ideas or inspirations to show love to your loved one even when it is not something you might consider as an overrated day.

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