13 Healthy Food Swaps

Why do some of us make new years resolutions to be healthy but give up around this time of the year? Who knows but maybe what some of us need is a nudge to remind and motivate to keep up the health kicks with regular exercise and eating well. Here are some healthy food swap ideas for you to consider if you do not want to give up or want to kickstart healthy eating:

1. olive oil instead of other cooking oils like sunflower oil

2. lean protein instead of fatty ones

3. grill instead of deep fry

4. low-fat frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream,

5. semi-skimmed or skimmed instead of whole milk

6. home cooked healthy food (like a cooked frozen meal) instead of takeaways or eating out,

7. well-balanced portion size instead of binge eating or not eating enough of certain types of food

8. unsalted nuts instead of salted,

9. five a day instead of high carb diet,

10. checking food labels while shopping rather than impulsive shopping or giving into kids demand,

11. about 2 litres of plain water/milk instead of sugary drinks

12. sprinkle some fresh, frozen or dried fruits instead of sugar in cereal

13. a mashed vegetable that counts towards five a day instead of mashed potato

I do some of them but not all at once. However, I am motivated and If you are as well, join me. Let’s make one or two changes and move our way up, enjoying occasional indulgent treats without any guilt. Let’s make the most of our habit trackers to keep us fit and focused. Let’s make changes for the right reasons, not to be super skinny because we lack body confidence or to develop an eating disorder of some sort. Let’s do it for the sake of being healthy in general, preventing tooth decay and to lead our next generation by example.

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  1. Another good trick is if you’re feeling super hungry (or bored) where you may eat too much food, throw a bunch of kale in the oven to the point where it’s crunchy. It tastes like chips & has minimal calories with a bunch of nutrients! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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