May 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello May 2018, it’s so good to see you!

Nah! I don’t think I can create a successfully dramatic intro, so I am going to give it a miss and flip through my bullet journal of May 2018. Like every month, I start with a review of the month before. This is an opportunity to reflect, set achievable short-term goals for the following month and grow from there.I write one thing I am grateful for every single day. I believe this helps to be more optimistic and appreciate the little things in life that we often neglect.The struggle is real and although with treatment, my migraine is in a much better state than before, I still need to track to help with managing the insane amount of pain. It definitely helped me to be more aware of the triggers.I have explained how and why I keep track of what my son eats throughout the day in this post on unsolicited parenting advice. With this parenting tracker, I am going to keep track of what he learns (study), play (screen-free activities), eats B (breakfast), eats L (lunch), eats D (dinner), eats S (snack) and note anything else about parenting that needs attention. Like the months before, I am going to write down my dreams to be more self-aware of things underneath my conscious mind.

This month, I have separated my social media tracker and blog planner. In this blog planner, I am just going to plan what I am going to write this month with background research for writing and photoshoot.

This April, my main focus was on gaining facebook page followers without any paid advertisements. I am grateful to facebook groups that help to boost the organic reach of social media and blog without any payment. However, my Instagram did not grow this month so I am going to focus on 4 main social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) by writing down my activities in each of them every day and I will write down follower growth every week. If you have any pro tips to grow my socials without any paid promotion, please comment below and if you want to help my blog and social media grow, please do follow them. Thank you in advance for following.Oversharing Alert! This is my habit tracker for self-care and maintaining a nice and clean home. Of course, I am not sharing everything here. For instance, Ch and Sh are behavioral modifications I am trying to make. There are also a few extras like connecting with or caring about others by doing something kind and pampering myself with haircare or skincare.

Finally, I keep my daily log because every single day has its own challenges.

If you are a high functioning superhuman, you probably do all these and a lot more on autopilot. I CAN NOT. I struggle to do 100% of all those I mentioned here but that’s OK because I expect bullet journal to make me more self-aware and improve my efficacy gradually. This is not meant to shatter my self-acceptance.


  1. Ahh I loved this post! I’m going to try out your social media tracker idea. I’ve always kept a journal/planner and I truly admire how you lay yours out! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  2. It’s normal that you cannot do all these. That’s a lot. However, I really like idea of the journal and writing down your plans, thoughts or anything. Just writing process has healing and relaxing purpose plus it helps to organize so keep it up!

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  3. I just starting keeping a planner/bullet journal, so this was really helpful! Gives me lots of good ideas for how to set it up and keep track of things besides just upcoming events and to-do lists!

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  4. This is such a neat idea. I’ve never tried the bullet journal way before. As far as social media, try following and interacting with more accounts and if you can try to find and join some follow loops (where everybody in the loop follows each other) to gain more traction on Instagram. Hope that helps.

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  5. God this is so cute. If i had any sort of artistic talent in my body I would totally do this; but I would just get mad that it looks like poop! haha

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    • Thank you very much but I do not think I have artistic doodling talent. This is still minimalistic compared to what the whole bullet journal community offers.


  6. Wow, I truly admire how organized you are in almost everything. I might consider doing these things as well, cause this seemed to be really helpful in tracking almost everything. Your planner looks great with different categories on what to track every single day. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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  7. I love how incredibly organized you’re being with everything. Most of the time I’m either really organized or flying by the seat of my pants. Lately it’s been the second haha.

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  8. Bullet journaling doesn’t work for me, but I love seeing how other people set theirs up! Looks like you’ve thought of everything!

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    • Thank you…I think it depends on our personalities…I know people who are high functioning without any planner or bullet journal…whatever works, eh?


  9. Your pictures and penmanship is absolutely stunning!!! I love that you write down one thing you are grateful for each day. I think I am going to take a page out of your beautiful journey and do this with my family 🙂

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