June 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

For the first time, I am adding colours to my bullet journal. I usually focus on functionality more than appearance but I am feeling like I am missing out on the beauty of colours both on my face and my journal. This is probably the best time of the year to be inspired by the vibrant blooms, so here I am with some super easy doodles around the headings.

I always start each month by reviewing the month before. I write down my achievements, things I need to work on, what I am most grateful for, frequency and how horrible my migraine attacks were, any specific findings from my parenting tracker, blog, and social trackers. I am not very competitive by nature and I do not think comparing myself to others is a fair way to judge myself so I compete with myself and compare if I have done better or worse than last month. This also helps me set my goals for the following month. The first page of the month has a calendar and any specific events like birthdays or ceremonies followed by goals of the month. Gratitude journal makes be better at looking at the bright side of my life and my lifestyle. Next is my migraine tracker with date, time, trigger, severity, and medicine excluding the prescribed preventative tablets that I take regularly.  I am not going to bore you with details as this parenting tracker is just like the month before where B L D S means breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. I write down my dreams if I can remember and surprisingly I am seeing how my dreams are surfacing to my conscious thought to some level. I still cannot make sense of most of them though. This month I am bringing my blog and social editorial calendar together with trackers for the follower growth. If you want to be part of this follower count because you think I am worth it,  please follow my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TwitterNext is my habit tracker where I track my self-care because I am very good at neglecting myself and my home tracker so that I am sure about the gaps between chores like watering plants which also give me some gratification for getting things done. Finally, I have my daily log for anything that the trackers don’t cover.

That’s all! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely month.


  1. Love it! I haven’t been successful in keeping up with my bulltet journal though. Any suggestions on keeping it simple? Best things to track?

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    • I keep my bullet journal at my bedside chst so that i remember to fill the tracker at the end of the day…track things you want to improve like self care(like excercise, eat 5 a day, etc.), blog and social growth every week and skip doodle if that feels like a chore.


  2. Thanks for the ideas on how and when to track every crazy thing in life, lol. It takes dedication, but it sure can help clear the mind of all the noise!

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