What’s in my son’s nursery/preschool bag?

It’s always a good idea to check with your child’s nursery/preschool whether you should pack things like a water bottle, snacks, and a sunscreen but you might also want to check what others pack for inspirations and insights. If you are doing this right now, welcome to my blog and let’s see what’s in my son’s bag!


  • T shirt/shirt– comfortable clothes that I do not mind ruining (messy plays!)
  • Trousers– pull up trousers to make it easy for his potty time since he is newly trained
  • Briefs– his nappies are replaced by some cute little big boy pants but if your child is not yet potty trained, you know what to pack
  • Socks– for obvious reasons like getting them wet or dirty

Food and Drink

  •  Snacks– Discuss beforehand whether your child’s nursery/preschool allows packed lunch. If they do and if your child has any dietary requirements, discuss what are the options.
  •  Water– My son’s previous nursery provided water but this preschool does not so I pack his water bottle.


  • Sunscreen– Even if you apply sunscreen, after a couple of hours, it would need to be reapplied before or during sun exposure. For more about sunscreen, please visit this post.
  • Zip seal (ziplock) bag– I prefer to pack a resealable bag for dirty clothes to prevent getting other things dirty and contaminated.
  • Wipes– They make cleaning so much easy and I can not have enough of them!

Some moms pack comfort toys but I did not find it necessary for mine since nurseries and preschools have plenty of toys and he was fine without any. One last thing, you might want to write your child’s name on his belongings to avoid the risk of losing things. Now, please share in the comments what you would pack in your child’s bag and if you are interested to see what’s in my bag, click this link.



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