Shay and Blue Watermelons Fragrance Review

There is nothing wrong with blending in but if you want your fragrance to stand out from the mass-produced ones and smell different from the next person in the crowd, you need to check out this modern boutique perfumery, Shay and Blue. Their perfumes feel like handcrafted gifts from some very talented artists because their fragrances are made with natural scents from flowers, fruits, and spices which are hand harvested, hand weighed and hand distilled. You can find out more from their website later but now let’s talk about a specific fragrance that the title suggests.

Created in 2015, Shay and Blue Watermelon is a modern, unisex, refreshing summer perfume. It is not restricted to any age group. This is a very long lasting perfume that lingers to the outfit even after a day. I wish I could make you smell the crispy, juicy, invigorating, soothing and cooling scent in the height of summer with words but I do not think I can convey that well enough so I am going to mention the notes and let your mind explore the “vibe”.

  • Top Notes: Watermelon and green mandarin, 
  • Heart Notes: honeysuckle, crushed leaves and green tea 
  • Base Notes: Clipped vetiver grasses 

I, my husband and my son love this fragrance. My husband picked this while shopping at M&S and he said he loved the smell as much as his favorite perfume at that moment. So I bought this for him as a gift which I wear just as much. My son could tell it has ”watermemol” from the very first spritz because the smell of it is very prominent. No wonder, it is named watermelon. He was just three so he obviously could not read the bottle (unboxed it before). My son loves to wear it too but I am not interested to share it with him because he does not need it and this is not very cheap, not super expensive either (30ml-£30, 100-£55).

I usually wear it during the hot spring/ summer day and sometimes at bedtime. OK, I am not going to say any further. It’s your turn to comment below your favourite summer fragrance that you would recommend me to try.



    • I don’t think there is any benefit. It is just a matter of choice. If you associate any smell with a certain memory or feeling, that you want to embrace at bedtime to direct your thoughts in a certain direction, you may want to wear perfume at night.

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