Makeup Conundrum​

I had bouts of buying and trying a few makeup products throughout my life but I could never stick to a makeup routine.  I did not get into it possibly because of my laziness, lack of self-consciousness and an of an urge to show my authentic self. Little did I know about the power of makeup to help succeed in areas that are not directly linked with any artistic skills to paint faces or seduce anyone. 

My google brought forward the fact that makeup accentuates sexuality, youth, and femininity. While most makeup products are designed to make us look attractive in a way to mimic sexual compatibility, do we really wear them to have sex with men? If that was the case, rather than wearing makeup to work or party and taking it off at night, we would probably start wearing makeup at bedtime or whenever we want to have sex. It is not practical to smudge makeup during intimacy either but do we bother applying smudge proof skin tints or shimmering oils for highlights? I am still confused why I need flushed cheeks and rosy lips to imitate ovulation with a bunch of people I have no intention of being intimate with and not wear to sexually provoke my husband. Also, who on earth ovulates every single day of the month! Comment below if you do wear makeup to be intimate in a long-term relationship.

Let’s focus on other areas of our faces. Pores and wrinkles are absolutely normal to have but still, we opt for “flawless” younger looking skin. Is growing older really a flaw to bolster our lack of self-acceptance? Although concealers can make people stop thinking you are going through a rough patch, I assume, these people do know that dark circles and spots do not happen only to stressed and sleep deprived people and some of us love to stay in bed longer in the morning more than wearing makeup. Eyes, on the other hand, need more work to make one look awake and youthful by possibly waking up early to take the time to draw the desired symmetrical look on the 3-dimensional surface, aka face. It takes practice, if you are not a pro artist, to draw a pair of well-defined brows on fleek and make thick long curled lashes. The pressure is high when you expect the facade to have a very specific sculpted look to draw a certain bone structure, even when it is not natural. I wonder how someone feels when she is judged on her appearance after all the efforts she makes!

The act of wearing makeup can be an art therapy to relax and just have fun while being at the height of self-expression. Beauty is never a constant. It depends on the decade, the culture of a particular geographic location and most importantly, “the eyes of the beholder”, who is either the makeup wearer or someone else or both. The reason behind wearing makeup may simply be confidence boosting, to be seen more favourably or to be part of the selfie-loving insta-glam tribe.

Whichever reason it may be, we should not judge someone for their choice of how much and how often they wear makeup while having a double standard when appearances of men are concerned. Men’s faces somehow are less scrutinised than women’s and judged in most cultures when they wear makeup. Not fair on either gender, I suppose! I hope someday, we will live in an ideal world where we will not be dictated by the society how to live and how to look as long as no harm is done.


  1. I have always been a lover of makeup and it’s my “me time” in the morning to sit in front of my mirror and do my makeup — I am listening to music and enjoying solitude. I find it so strange that people judge others based on how much makeup they are (or aren’t) wearing and whether people even choose to put on makeup.

    Thoughtful post! x


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  2. I hear you on this! I wear makeup every day but it varies depending on how much energy I want to spend on it. I used to feel really uncomfortable if I wasn’t wearing any but have spent more time getting comfortable going for more of a natural vibe most of the time, and just spending extra energy on the more complex looks when I want to have ‘fun’ with it. I think it’s cool that makeup is an option that we have, and am def. a supporter of letting people use it however they want without judgement.

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  3. Nice post! I basically never wear makeup, but sometimes I’ve felt kind of awkward about that because it seemed like ‘the thing’ to do. I know sometimes my sister wears makeup because she feels like she’s “supposed to.” I’m always trying to convince her not to worry about it!

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  4. I actually do not wear make up. I don’t know how to do it correctly and flat out do not have the time to learn. I’m busy with momming, wifing, and working constantly. (lol) I’m extremely blessed to have a husband who is attracted to my natural face and hair. I would like to learn, but that will just have to wait. However, I do love watching others apply it on themselves. It’s surely a talent!

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  5. I not spend lot of time in front of mirror because I don’t wear makeup. But I often watch make up videos.
    But never understood the long process and the products too are confusing. So, I always just watch other apply and be satisfied.

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  6. The make up world is so new to me as I really never wore it when I was younger. I’ve gone from the drugstore brands to the make-up counters in the big department stores and have had hits and misses with both. If only it were simpler, and maybe it is. I just have to keep practicing to find what works best for me. Also, you’re right, there is definitely a double standard when it comes to the looks of women compared to men!

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  7. I really love the message of this. I wear makeup to please myself mostly .I don’t wear it daily though and sometimes I do wear it to give an extra ‘sexy’ umph to my look for hubby!

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