Lush Cardamom Coffee Perfume Review

I thoroughly enjoy shopping at lush mainly because of the exciting colours and the smells but I find it hard to make a decisive first impressions of the perfumes when I am inside the store.  This is not much of a problem if you can break it down into the following steps:

1. go to a lush store,

2. spritz yourself with whichever you fancy,

3. step outside and do whatever you need to do,

4. sniff a few (or too many) times to be sure if you like it on you

5. and then go back after a couple of hours or more to buy that fragrance, if you still fancy it.

If you do not have that sort of time or patience, do not worry my friend, you can still buy a washcard or a solid perfume at a fraction of the price. 

I cannot stick to one perfume so whenever I can, I buy smaller ones to save some money. The problem is that you cannot spritz the small ones on your outfit or hair and you probably know already that fragrance is one of the most common skin irritants. In addition, there is a risk of phytophotodermatitis, an awful skin condition commonly caused when the skin comes in contact with citrus oils or other botanical substances and is exposed to sunlight. Not fun? Really?

Now that we are aware of the troubles, let us indulge ourselves for the love of fragrance. Lush cardamom coffee from Gorilla Perfume: volume IV is not a common mainstream fragrance that would try hard to please everyone. The powerful aroma of cardamom stands out from the crowd. If you are of Middle Eastern origin, you would probably associate it with the actual cardamom coffee drink but to me, cardamom is a must have spice in my kitchen that gives me the comfort of delicious home foods, not drinks. Being a Bengali (South East Asian), I use cardamom in deserts like payesh and main courses like meat or chicken curries and kormas. Rosewater and cardamom are mainly used together in such rich and sweet foods. This perfume has a bit of rose that I do not really notice from it. However, trust me when I say “it smells delicious”.

I also love the woody notes in it. It might sound crazy but a few days back while cleaning some of my wooden furniture at home, I was enjoying the woody smell and was interested to try more woody fragrances. Let me know in the comments below if you ever sniff your furniture or have any good woody perfume recommendation! 

Anyway, this is an unisex autumn fragrance that has a slight hint of warm and energising coffee, just enough to layer for a “wakey-wakey” in the middle of the day. The solids do not last long but they are small enough to carry them to apply whenever you need to excite your senses. A possible connotation of lush’s cardamom coffee is a conversationalist’s friendly “good vibe”. Although I think, to some, it might be the sort of delicious fragrance to wear if you intend to have an uncanny Netflix and chill while enjoying marshmallow topped hot chocolate.  


  1. The combination seems good. Never tried such particular fragrances. The smell of coffee is to die for I can imagine how good the perfume smell would be

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  2. I’ve only visited a Lush store once, years ago. I might have to visit one soon again! I love me natural, warm fragrances, and who doesn’t like the smell of coffee or warm spices?

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