Happy New Year

I am literally writing this post on a whim at the last half an hour of 2018. I have focused a lot on my personal developments this year and I am proud to say it was a pleasant learning curve. I have learnt to accept my flaws with more ease and acknowledge my mistakes to learn from them, which helped me to grow up and grow out of many things. These all may sound like cliches, but they are still relatable and true.

Moving on to 2019 feels astounding! I am expecting to achieve more. I have started working out regularly and I really hope to see the results next year. I do see myself blogging more often and possibly making video contents soon, which I am quiet excited about. I also hope to make improvements in my personal finances.

It is not just all about me, me and me. I love and would always love to love and support my family, because in my world, “my family” comes first. I will always be there for my son, my mother, my brother and my husband. This does not mean I do not care about anyone other than my close knits. I love my friends and relatives and people I find inspiring. I love you too, dear stranger, for reading my thoughts on screen. Hope 2019 makes you happier.

Happy new year to you!


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