Sunscreen for Brown Skin

Hello friends and strangers,

Welcome to my blog. I am excited to tell you that I finally came out of my comfort zone and started posting on my YouTube. I would highly appreciate if you could go to visit my channel and subscribe if you want to explore with me what I am passionate and confident about.

I am posting a series of sunscreen reviews (cosmetic elegance only) named “Sunscreen for Brown Skin”, and I will be using #brownskinsunscreen to help people discover them!

Sunscreen is the most essential cosmetic that we all should use regardless of our age, sex and location whenever there is daylight. Melanin is not a substitute for sunscreen, and we need to apply about 2 mg per cm square (about a teaspoon on our face and neck) to prevent skin cancer and premature ageing. However, picking the right sunscreen is challenging, especially if you have tan-deep skin tones where it looks ashier than lighter skins. Fitting them in within the beauty regimen is another challenge. They ball up, look greasy and mess up with makeup.

Let’s try to solve these problems. Applying makeup after about 10 minutes when it has enough time to dry down can help. Some of the sunscreens work well under powder foundation while some others are fine under liquid foundation. Silicones in multiple layers of skincare and makeup can lead to pilling. While knowing them may be helpful, they are not convincing enough, especially if you are not willing to go through a trial and error experiment on your face or know exactly which combination works. So I am going to show my skincare and makeup in action to test the cosmetic elegance of one sunscreen at a time on my brown skin. Hopefully, my passion project will give you some idea and encouragement to slot in your sunscreen in your daily routine.

Please join me. Feel free to tag or comment/recommend me any sunscreen that you want me to test. And finally, don’t forget to like, comment share and subscribe. Here is the youtube link of the series, “sunscreen for brown skin.”

See you there!

Azzama Purno


  1. This is so good to know! I have a few friends that have tan-deep skin tones and they always tell me they don’t need sunscreen because of that and I wasn’t sure that real. I’m definitely sending this to my friends!

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  2. There is a sunscreen by MD Solar Sciences that is designed for darker skin tones, I would be curious to hear what you think about it. I like the one meant for fair skin!

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