Emporio Armani Because It’s You Review

My husband’s work stress and probably the excitement of his PhD is keeping him awake at night and moody during the day. I am annoyed too! So I am going to vent to you and share how this perfume is helping me today. While he researches artificial intelligence all night long, I am planning to make use of my emotional intelligence elsewhere and give him some space. The mantra that works for me is reminiscing about the romance we had. The truth is there is no “happily ever after” except in fairy tales and the bitter moments make me value those happy “rom-com” times that are going to reappear soon once he is done with this project. Until then, I will need something to transport me to the moments I cherish and be more supportive. I am wearing Armani Because It’s You because I needed to fill the void I was feeling. I am not going to fake a smile and make a bad impression somewhere else because I can feel loved and happy with just a few spritzes.

Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about Emporio Armani Because It’s You. When I first sprayed it, I noticed quite a strong punch of raspberry, but it is not strong enough to induce a headache. To me, that raspberry implies a short and sweet kiss. The top notes have neroli too. The heart notes smell like a bouquet of a flower where the rose absolute is prominent. The floral notes bring back memories of him bringing me flowers on a certain day of every month in the first couple of years of our marriage to celebrate us being together. The base is deliciously lustful with vanilla and musk.

The bottle has a double ring at the cap that is inspired by Mr. Armani’s love story. The double O in “you” and his rings at the cap look like wedding bands on a simple glass bottle with champagne coloured fragrance inside. I love the wedding vibe of this perfume. This fragrance is romantic, but not erotic, which makes it alright to wear during the day.  This is very feminine but not too barbie-girly-flirty. It is captivating but does not scream for attention.  It is sensual and a well balanced Eau de Parfum for women.

There is man’s EDP named “stronger with you” to go with this and Armani recently released “stronger with you intensely” and “in love with you”. I am not going to talk about them here but if you want me to review any of them, let me know in the comments below. Also, could you please like this post and follow my socials( Facebook / Instagram / Twitter )? Thank you. See you soon.



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