Giorgio Armani Si Passione Eau de Parfum Review

Hello everyone. Today I am back with another Armani perfume review. The last one is linked here (Emporio Armani Because It’s You). I am sure you have read the title of this post already and have seen the picture of it. Yes, of course, it is Armani Si Passione review. This flanker of Armani Si was released in 2018.

In Italian, Si means yes and passione means passion. Si was originally inspired by Armani’s mother Maria and the ambassador of Si is Cate Blanchett, an Oscar winning Australian actress. If it sounds like an ideal Mother’s Day gift to you, you are not alone. However, Si passione is versatile and embodies timeless elegance. It is ideal for women of all age, not just matured ladies like Cate. In my opinion, it smells inoffensive and easy to wear, which makes it a safe gift, especially for someone who likes fruity fragrances. The sillage is not great, which makes it ideal to wear in conservative workplaces. This has a decent lasting power if you are generous with your spritz.

This is a fruity floral eau de parfum, not a chypre like the original Si and Si Fiori. The top notes are black current, pear and pink pepper. In the heart, there are rose and jasmine that dries down to beautiful cedarwood and vanilla combination. Vanilla at the base adds sweetness and makes it sensual. This is refreshing without any citrus notes. The floral notes make it feminine and the overall composition is sophisticated. If you like blackcurrant, you are probably going to like all or most of the fragrances from Si range as it is a common note in most, if not all of them. I usually prefer perfumes that have notes and accords I have memories with or something that completely surprises me. These notes do not excite me much but that does not mean it is a bad composition. I like it but it does not blow my mind. I have also tried Si, Si Fiori and the newly released flanker, Si Passione Intense (2020). I have not formed my opinion yet o the newest one but the overdose of jasmine and the addition of musk in it seems interesting.

Now let’s talk about the bottle. The red colour is inspired by Georgio Armani beauty lipstick in shade 400. The eternity ring around the neck symbolises the promise of eternity and commitment. The stone on the top is inspired by modern sculpture and mineral rock found in Pantelleria, an island near Sicily.

The presentation of the bottle and the juice in Si passione are incongruent in my opinion. To me, red lipstick is a bold statement that catches the eyes from a distance. The projection of this perfume is that of a barely-there sheer lip tint. The smell is pleasant but not really bold. The only relevance I find with the red lipstick is that this perfume is universally flattering like the 400 shade red lipstick. I also find it difficult to understand the connection between eternity ring (connotation of marriage) and mother as an inspiration. I understand this can arguably make sense, but deep inside I do not get it. Let me know in the comments below what you think of Si Passione and your favourite from the range.

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