Performance of Perfumes

Now that we need social distancing to prevent spreading Coronavirus, this is the best time to wear beast mode fragrances to remind others to stay six feet away. But on a day to day basis, is your beast mode going to suffocate or seduce others?

I love intense perfumes. Sometimes I wear four perfumes at once to test them on myself and I also have some all-time favourite beast modes. But wearing them depends on the time and the place.

After a while, we do not smell ourselves much but others can so it is important to be thoughtful of the impact we make on others. You do not want to wear the same perfume when you are going to a corporate job interview and a nightclub.

To me, a beast mode is like dressing up. It is fun to wear occasionally when you want more attention than usual. It makes you be louder and make a bold statement. But If you do not feel the need to wear prosthetic makeup and Halloween costume to run some errands and go to your work, you probably don’t need beast mode either for that purpose.

When you want to wear dramatic drag inspired makeup or heavily contoured makeover to change your bone structure to make you look like a doll, the beast mode might feel more appropriate. No offence, I respect your wish to appear how you want to. But to some people, natural look and skin scents can appeal more because they may find it easier to relate and empathise with someone who looks alike and smell like easily identifiable real humans, not dolls. To people like myself, both types are fine.

The natural body odours help us determine who we find attractive because of the pheromones. This does not happen on a conscious level and our responses to pheromones are genetically predetermined. What I mean to say is that our body odours can be sensual. Enhance it with perfume. There is no point smelling like a beast if you want to mate with humans. Don’t be overly self-conscious especially in the bedroom department.

It would be a good idea to wear your beast mode if you are going in a cage with a blind tiger who is going to have you as its meal if you smell like a human. At night when I can’t sleep, I got closer to my husband and find his natural body odour peaking through the dry down of his scent of the day very comforting. This does not just happen in mating scenarios. I remember being pleasantly surprised when as a teenager, I figured out that my aunt smells a lot like my mom. Liking body odour does not mean liking lack of hygiene. No one wants to be stinky, which is why we have a toilet paper crisis. Sweaty gunky skin is not appealing, clean skin is.

I am not going to bore you with any more rant on projection. I just wanted to mention here that if your fragrances don’t last long enough on your skin use moisturiser to help it last longer and layer it with other fragrances to add variety and suit your mood or occasion. Just carry a travel size perfume. If you buy fragrances based on projection and longevity, you are going to miss out on some olfactory experiences which are worth cherishing.

That’s all for now. Please like if you agree and share your opinions in the comments below. If you want to stay connected, please follow my socials. See you soon.

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