5 Modern Tuberose Fragrances

Tuberose is known to be a very sensual note because it is indolic. You probably know that indole molecules are found in intimate parts of humans which is what makes it so carnal. There are many other indolic flowers like jasmine and gardenia but tuberose holds a special place in my heart. So in this post, I want to share with you five modern tuberose fragrances that I think imitate five phases of romance. I did not include any classics or old school tuberose fragrances like fracas. The oldest one in this list was released in 2005, 3 of them were launched in 2017 and one in 2019 and they all have very different personalities.

1. Tubereuse Hedonie by Roger & Gallet (2017) – I fell for this fragrance as soon as I smelt it. I had the rush of all those exciting feelings that made me realise how much I love tuberose. This is very uplifting and refreshing tuberose fragrance that just makes me happy. To me, it is very much like the song, perfect strangers by Jonas blue. It is carefree yet thoughtful.

2. Cafe Tuberosa by Atelier Cologne (2017) – Strangers turn into something more when we get to know them. So people go on dates to unravel the mysteries which is likely to be coffee dates in the early days and this is a coffee date sort of a fragrance. This, however, has more caffeine from both coffee and chocolate than tuberose. This smells smoking hot and mouth-watering (pun intended).

3. Tubereuse Mystique by Bvlgari (2019)- The third stage is all about puppy love. Now the focus is on curves. This is sweet and sensual with notes of Top Davana Essence, Blackcurrant buds Absolute, Twilight Tuberose Absolute, Vanilla absolute, Myrrh Resin. This is an absolutely naughty nighttime fragrance.

4. Twilly d’Hermes (2017)- Once the honeymoon period is over, we move on to our realistic everyday life and and twilly is that sort of an everyday fragrance. This is an easy to wear tuberose fragrance but do not underestimate her because she is unique and bold. This tuberose is not loud and she is bound to get love from the people she is close to her because of her personality. It has ginger with tuberose and sandalwood. I think the wearer of this is not a roaring wild big cat or a sex kitten but she is catty. This is a fresh tuberose that is neither an agist nor a sexist, so don’t shy away from it if you are a man of certain age although it is marketed towards women.

5. Carnal flower by Frederic Malle (2005) – This is a modern-day classic. it is very strong and at some point almost nauseating to me and yet it is so intriguing! It opens with a beautiful tuberose and green notes that make it very fresh. Then comes the menthol-like rush to clear the nasal passage and followed by it, something intense shows up. Is it an overdose of indole or something more intense? I don’t know. My husband noticed camphorous smell from it which he said is used on dead bodies. Not a pleasant association and since indole is not just present in faeces, it is also found in dead bodies, the connection between sex, emotions, flower, death and decay is confusing me. However, after a while, surprisingly, the base emerges with beautiful, soft and luscious tuberose. This is a soliflower, which means you are going to get tuberose all along so to enjoy the fifty shades of tuberose, I had to stick to it “in sickness and in health”. if you love tuberose, the olfactory rollercoaster of this complex flower is worth checking out.

Tuberose is a common inexpensive flower in Bangladesh where I grew up, so it does not smell opulent to me but it certainly is intoxicating. If you are a tuberose lover, share your favourite fragrance with me in the comments below and like this post. I am going to leave a link of my youtube channel for you to check out. See you there.

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