Twilly d’Hermes (2017) Review

Tuberose fragrances have a reputation of being very loud and heady, but not this one. It is very unique and unisex tuberose fragrance that smells interesting. Let me explain why it is so intriguing.

It opens with very refreshing ginger alongside some citrus notes that make it clean and zingy. And after a while, I notice powdery and slightly sweet tuberose that is a toned down than the initial sharpness of the top notes. Gradually, I notice a subtle campourous smell that leads to the subtly sweet and creaminess at the heart. This tuberose is not a dirty indolic one. It feels like the perfumer Christine Nagel is explaining her take on tuberose in an artistic way that shows the silhouette with nuances rather than giving you a bunch of flowers for you to interpret however you want. Finally, the creaminess reveals the woody base of sandalwood. I love the freshness and how the texture changes from powdery to creamy seamlessly and it is bold but never overpowering.

The reason I consider it unisex is that ginger is very common in masculine fragrances and throughout the wear, I did not notice anything overly masculine or feminine. Although it is targeted towards women, this is a gender-neutral fragrance. This is an “easy to like and easy to wear” sort of versatility everyday fragrance.

It lasts for about 9 hours on my skin and around 24 hours or more on my clothes, depending on how many sprays I use. Speaking of clothes, this fragrance is named after the brand colourful twilly scarves like the one tied around the neck of it.

Being a Bangladeshi, I am familiar with the notes of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood and I know for sure that performance of many perfumes in that hot and humid climate is awful so I have teamed up with a Bangladeshi perfume blogger, Tasnim Bakir Rafa, who is posting the review of twilly at the same time as I am with an overview of how it performs in Bangladesh. I am going to leave a link of her review in the description for you.

This perfume smells inherently South-East Asian and French at the same time. It is an effortlessly chic perfume that stands out without being trendy or sultry. That’s all I wanted to share about this perfume. Please like it if you have watched until this and comment below to share your thoughts on this perfume. See you soon.

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