Cartier La Panthere (2014) review

My husband loves the smell more than I do but I love the bottle more than any other perfume bottle I have ever seen. What attracted me to this is this bottle where the panther’s face is laser cut inside it.


Cartier is a French luxury house specialising in jewellery. It has a range of beautiful and well-known panther jewellery collection, so it makes sense to use their icon in a fragrance. This is, however, inspired by Jean Tousant, lover of Loise Cartier. She was also a creative director of this brand.


This is a very long-lasting fragrance with great projection, but not in a choking way. You are definitely going to get a distinctive whiff when someone is wearing it.


It has Dried fruits, gardenia, musk and oakmoss. The gardenia is sensual and the musk makes it even more sensual with animalic and feline characteristics. Besides, the chypre accord with oakmoss makes it bolder and adds character to it.

Since both civet and panther are cats, you might be wondering if it has any civet. The answer is no. Neither is it listed as a note nor can I detect any.

My Opinions:

This is a feminine powerhouse fragrance that is unique and glamorous. What not to love, you might think. A lot! This panthere is not a people pleaser and not worth blind buying because this can divide opinions.

This smells like a reincarnation of a vintage perfume that is, to some extend, adapted to modern taste but this is at the same time not conforming to the contemporary palette. It stands out as a dangerously self-assured and beautiful fragrance created by Mathilde Laurent, the in-house perfumer of Cartier.

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