Hello there!

I am Azzama Purno, a Hampshire(UK) based blogger originally from Bangladesh.

My inspiration for starting this blog came from a certain teacher at school who appreciated my essays. Even after I left that school, she called me one day to encourage me to keep writing. That was not yesterday or last year my friend, that is an ancient history. Things changed. I grew older, married a loving man, graduated, became a mother, moved out from one city to another but never stopped learning.

Anyway, the learning curve met a tangent of wish to connect with you if you want to, sharing my journey of problem-solving, planning, achieving, enjoying and letting go of mainly these lifestyle segments:

Self Care and Personal Development

Parenting and Relationship

Home styling and DIY

Beauty and Fragrance

If you think you can relate to any of them, maybe we can bond through this blog (with like, comment, subscribe, follow on other social media and share).