Bullet Journal layout

I thought it would be nice to share how I have set up my bullet journal this year. I have another post on this year’s self-improvements and resolutions in my blog. This post is sort of a continuation of that.

Right after the obvious index I have 2018 goal that mainly has three main categories- personal development, blog and family life. I am happy how my family life is but I felt if I do not include and just focus on the rest, I might neglect it so I am going to continue making my family life a priority every day.

The next page has a small January calendar just to know the date and what day is it without getting my phone out. It also has a habit tracker. Last year, many of them were on my daily to-do list. That was a complete waste of space and an easy way of having instant gratification by ticking them off. They still have importance in my life so I thought using a habit tracker would be helpful and more efficient. Other than that, I added a chore chart and a self-care/beauty related list that I want to do but most of the time ignore. I intend to tick next to them as many times as I do. This way, I am not going to forget them.

Next, I have a detailed migraine tracker. My doctor advised to keep a record of how often I get a migraine and I thought a detailed chart would help me not just for treatment but also manage it better.

This blog is new and requires effort to make it successful so I added a blog tracker to help me post consistently and use social media more efficiently. I would highly appreciate if you could comment any constructive criticism or ideas to help this blog grow.

I added a parenting tracker to keep up with challenges of motherhood like introducing a new activity, training or teaching, managing his social life and anything else like development milestones that require attention.

Finally, the next page has actual daily logs to include any task, events and my daily dose of gratitude. I am not heavy on doodling but a title banner is fine with me. I hope it gave you some idea or inspiration for your own journal. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy new year.

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