Bullet Journal April 2018

I am going to flip through my bullet journal of April 2018 quickly in this post. Every month, including this, I start with a review of the month before where I assess my success rate from habit trackers. I also figure out what I need to work on based on the statistical values.  In addition, in this page of review(in the picture below), I am going to reflect on the specific areas which are migraine, gratitude, dreams, my son’s food journal and blog editorial calendar. Once I am done with self-reflection, I will set a few achievable goals that I want to focus on throughout April.

Next, I have my habit tracker where I mainly track self-care and self-improvements.

I included a gratitude journal just to appreciate what life has to offer although to be honest with you I am not feeling any ”wow factor” in this area. For instance, when I had cold last week, it felt lame to include things like tissue for wiping nose because I could not find anything better that could help! TISSUE???REALLY???

Anyway, you probably guessed why am I showing off whatever is on my laptop screen. Yes! Shameless self-promotion! This month I am going to focus on and learn more about growing organic social media reach, especially Facebook. If you have any tips, please comment below.Next, I have my migraine tracker and my dream tracker just like the months before.

I have reorganized the parenting tracker with the followings:

study- at home with me

play- anything screen free

Eat- tracking breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack to make sure my son is eating enough

The next page is to keep a daily log. That’s all!

I enjoy looking at others posts, so feel free to connect with me in any or all of the social networks below:

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